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The library has been organized parallel to the collection and is directed to its main object of study "Lepidopterology", thus being a specialized library. Literature is fully catalogued and consists of thematically separated books, as well as journals, special publications und geographic maps. All the journals can be searched in journal catalogue.

Starting with 1980 the international exchange of journals edited by MWM started with ca. 200 museums, entomological societies and institutions worldwide.

In 2004 the library has been significantly enriched by the private library of the late Prof. C.M. NAUMANN, Bonn. Among other there were many rare works published before 1900, starting from J.L. Frisch (1727) "Beschreibung von Allerly Insecten in Teutschland...." ("Description of Every Insect in Germany"), A.J. Rösel [von Rosenhof] (1746 ff.) "Insectenbelustigungen" ("Insects Amusements"), C.Clerck (1759) "Nomenclator Extemporaneus..... " etc., which are still kept together. Guides, standard works in their separate editions (Berge’s Schmetterlingsbuch [Butterfly Book] (1842-1910) from 1st till 9th edition) along with the General Biology are widely represented up to the most recent editions. Journals with entomological content are arranged in about 170 series, which are primarily complete. The most striking series are represented by duplicates (see under Others) , whereas duplicates in hardback are provided for especially rare series, such as Horae Soc. Ent. Rossicae, Stettiner Ent. Z., Deutsche Ent. Z. Iris etc.

In 2015/16 the library has been significantly enriched by taking over the bookshop of Manfred GICK, Himmelkron, as well as by a gift of Mrs. Juliane DILLER, Munich, containing parts of the library of her father, the well known neotropical explorer H.W. KOEPCKE, furtherly parts of the libraries of
the Max-PLANCK-Institut für Verhaltensphysiologie in Seewiesen and the Max-PLANCK-Forschungsstelle für Ornithologie as well as of Vogelwarte Radolfzell.

Books and letters on the fauna of Lepidoptera are especially important in the NAUMANN’s heritage. Divided by lands and geographically arranged, the faunistic literature on Lepidoptera covers entire Palearctic. It starts from the early, often privately published fauna lists of 19th century, primarily connected to local faunas and quite difficult to read, with handwritten notes of authors. Then it goes to bigger summary works, consisting of of many volumes, up to the most modern editions. The special editions, archived in the same way, supply this. NAUMANN’s library fused with that of WITT, structured in similar way. Although the duplicates appear, they do not look similar to each other, being generally bound together in separate volumes, regardless of handwritten notes of the authors. The history of entomological studies, especially in the "Old World", is outstandingly rich and well documented in series FF/ and QF/.

All the publications from a number of authors, f. e. those by DANIEL, MEIER, SIEDER, DE LAJONQUIÈRE, WOLFSBERGER, are arranged in original chronological order. NAUMANN has also meticulously worked on bibliographies of a number of lepidopterologists, thus adding to the library such authors as BOURSIN, WILTSHIRE, REISSER, AGENJO, TURATI, RUNGS, WARNECKE, WARREN and others.

Russian literature is of particular importance. Not only the most important journal series, but also even separate publications from 1914 until present days have been almost fully documented. Various publications in this language are still being tracked thanks to the cooperation with Russian colleagues.

Die gesamte Bibliothek ist nach Autoren und in einem gesonderten Artenverzeichnis gemäß den Zielsetzungen des MWM erfaßt (Vgl.K.H.Wiegel -1970: Die Autorymbolmethode. NachrBlatt Bayer. Ent. 18: 106-112). 1993 begann die computerunterstützte Erfassung. Nach einem Computerabsturz 2011 wurde das System von Philipp Metzler,München, modernsten Erfordernissen angepasst und ist heute für korrespondierende Wissenschaftler via iphone von überall auf der Welt abrufbar.