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Schriftentausch / Exchange / Échange

The library of WITT Museum has had an international exchange for over 30 years with 200 foundations, universities, institutes, libraries, societies and unions from over the world.

The library proposes three regularly published journals, ENTOMOFAUNA, ENTOMOFAUNA-Supplements and ENTOMOFAUNA-Monographs as an exchange equivalent for journals and periodicals with entomological content.

Entomofauna – Journal for Entomology. ISSN 0250-4413. Published with 400-500 pages each year. The number of issues corresponds with the number of manuscripts. All volumes of ENTOMOFAUNA starting with Bd.1/1981 still are available for exchange. ...weiter

Entomofauna - Supplemente.. ISSN 0250-4413. Appears irregularly in volumes bound in yellow softcover up to ca.1300 pages. Most supplements are still available for exchange. Out of print volumes are available as download. ...more

Entomofauna - Monographs. ISSN 0250-4413. Appears irregularly in DIN A 4 volumes bound in blue softcover beginning in 2007. ...more

Library searches contacts with editors of new and well-known journals.

Question on the journal exchange direct:
Thomas WITT, Tengstraße 33, D-80796 München
Fax 089 27374239,