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Dr. Axel Hausmann

  Personal data:
Dr. Axel Hausmann
Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns –
Zoologische Staatssammlung München
Münchhausenstr. 21, D-81247 München
Tel: +49-89-8107-158
E-mail: Axel.Hausmann@zsm.mwn.de

Expert for Geometridae and DNA barcoding

1960 - born in Munich

1986 - Dipl.-Biol., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

1990 - Dr. rer.nat., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München

1989 – today – curator of Lepidoptera at the Bavarian State Collection Munich

Research Activities:
A. systematics, integrative taxonomy:

- monography on the Geometrid Moths of Europe

- integrative phylogeny und integrative taxonomy of the Geometrinae and Sterrhinae

B. molecular identification, biodiversity assessment:

- lead of the global DNA barcoding campaign Lepidoptera (iBOL, cooperation with Paul Hebert, Canada)

- lead of the Barcoding Fauna Bavarica project (BFB), applications of DNA Barcoding

- lead of the GBOL2 project (Barcoding Fauna of Germany)

- DNA Barcoding type specimens (Moore Foundation)

C. information systems, research coordination:

- international research coordination Geometridae (Forum Herbulot)

D. zoogeography, faunistics:

- Gondwanaland distributions, geometrids on Nothofagus

- faunistics and zoogeography oft he Mediterranean region (focus on Israel, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, Crete, southern Italy and Sicily)

- faunistics, ecology, dispersal and population dynamics based on light trap collecting in Bavaria

- animals of the bible and the Holy Land

Aplocera plagiata hausmanni Exposito, 1998 (Geometridae, Larentiinae)
Isturgia (Enconista) hausmanni Krüger 2001 (Geometridae, Ennominae)
Parapsestis hausmanni Laszlo, 2001 (Drepanidae, Thyatirinae)
Psilogramma hausmanni Eitschberger, 2001 (Sphingidae)
Idaea hausmanni Trusch, 2001 (Geometridae, Sterrhinae)
Lymantria (Nyctria) hausmanni Schintlmeister, 2004 (Lymantriidae)
Chrysartona hausmanni Efetov 2006 (Zygaenidae)
Iridopsis hausmanni Varga 2006 (Geometridae, Ennominae)
Adafroptilum hausmanni Darge, 2007 (Saturniidae)
Leucanella hausmanni Brechlin, 2011 (Saturniidae)
Cnestrognophos hausmanni Erlacher, in press (Geometridae, Ennominae)
Genusa hausmanni Stüning & Buchsbaum, in press (Geometridae, Ennominae)

Full list of papers: