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Dmitry Shovkoon

  Surname: Shovkoon
First Name: Dmitry
Home address:
ul. Chernorechenskaya, 14-58, Samara
443030, RUSSIA
e-Email: shovkoon@mail.ru

was born 13 April 1983 in Donezhk region, Ukrainian S.S.R.
Since my childhood my interest has been orientated to wildlife, primary insects.
I entered middle school of Totskoe, Russia, in 1989 and in 2000 I finished school ā„– 3 of Buzuluk there I was learnt in a special class with literary profile.

Scientific interest: Lepidoptera of the Uralo-Caspian region, Palaearctic Ethmiidae, Lymantriidae.

In the same 2000 I entered the Samara State Polytechnic University, department of Oil and gas refining, on the speciality ā€œProcessing of natural energy resource and high-molecular compoundā€. In 2005 I finished my studies there with a degree with distinction.
In the same 2005 I entered the Samara State University, department of Ecology, botany and nature conservation, on the speciality ā€œBiologyā€. In 2008 I finished my studies there with a Diploma project ā€œThe bioecological analysis hawkmoths (Sphingidae, Lepidoptera) Southern Urals and the Western KazakhstanSince 1998 I had numerous expeditions to Southern Ural and Western Kazakhstan.

Expedition by Dmitry Shovkoon

Western Kazakhstan, Mai 2007

Western Kazakhstan, September 2009

Southern Ural, August 2006

Southern Ural, July 2008

List of scientific publications:
Shovkoon D.F. 2008. On the rediscovery of Ethmia discrepitella (Rebel, 1901) with remarks on brachyptery in females of Ethmia (Ethmiidae) Nota lepidopterologica 31(2): 215-221

Shovkoon D.F. 2010. New and little-known Ethmiidae (Gelechioidea)from Central Asia Nota lepidopterologica 33(1): 135-154

Shovkoon D.F. 2010. A new subspecies of Hyles siehei (PĆ¼ngeler) from the deserts of Central Asia (Sphingidae). Nota lepidopterologica 33(1): 67-79