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Drs Jaap H.H. ZWIER
Curriculum vitae

Born in 1937 in the eastern part of The Netherlands, he took a keen interest in nature from early childhood. He started collecting butterflies and moths at the age of fifteen.
After a spell of teaching at the primary level he took up a study child psychology and the philosophy of education at Utrecht University. In the meantime he started teaching at a teachers training college.He was involved in nature conservation and founded an archive and a library of the history of nature conservation in The Netherlands.

After his retirement he resumed his study of butterflies, focusing on heterocera and microlepidoptera. He has now specialized in oriental Aganaidae. He is chairman of the department of the Dutch Entomological Society, which is concerned with the study of macrolepidoptera.


Drs J.H.H. Zwier
Turfweg 27
NL. 7021 JN Zelhem

Tel: 0314 326789
E-mail: jaap.zwier@slangenburg.nl
Website: www.aganaidae.nl


Zwier, J.H.H. - 2007. A new species and new subspecies of Aganaidae (Lepidoptera) from Sulawesi (Indonesia). - Entomofauna 28(15):173-184.

Zwier, J.H.H. - 2010. New Aganainae from Indonesia (Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Noctuidae). - Entomofauna 31(31):481-492.