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Karol Bucsek

Curriculum vitae

Address: Podjavorinskej 7, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Date of Birth: 11. June 1964
Address: Podjavorinskej 7, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
E-mail: arctia.caja@post.sk, arctia.caja@chello.sk

Spezialist für orientalische Arctiidae

Born in 11. June 1964, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Karol Bucsek is interested in butterflies since the age of thirteen. In 1981 he entered the Slovak Entomological Society. By 1996 he built a collection of Lepidoptera of Czechoslovakia and spezialized in the family Arctiidae - Old World. The main area of his interest is the Oriental region.

Karol Bucsek (Bratislava, 1964) is keenly interested in nature and especially butterflies since his youth. He participates in faunistic monitoring butterflies in Slovakia as a member of the Slovak Entomological Society at the Slovak Academy of Science since 1981. Part of the collection (Lepidoptera - Czechoslovakia), created in 1996 is exposed in the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava.

He is specialized in Arctiinae subfamily (family Erebidae) since 1996. Palaearctic and Oriental region is in his main focus. He grows into an important Orient expert. He cooperates with the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava and Witt Museum in Munich. Seventeen descriptions of new species Arctiinae (genus Eugoa) from Southeast Asia were released there in 2008. Thirteen descriptions of genus Eugoa from the Philippines are going to be added in 2012. Malaysia is one of the largest bio-diverse areas of the world. By this reason this tropical country is his favorite destination. This publication resumes knowledge from his four expeditions to the Malay Peninsula. As an important amateur he integrated into the entomologist elite (Roman Hergovits, 2012).

erschienen 2012.

2014 erschien ein Supplement zu diesem Buch.
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List of scientific papers and books:

Bucsek K. 2008. Contribution to the Knowledge of the Genus Eugoa WALKER (1858) (Lepidoptera : Arctiidae, Lithosiinae). Entomofauna. 29(26): 417-468.

Bucsek K. 2012. Erebidae, Arctiinae (Lithosiini, Arctiini) of Malay Peninsula – Malaysia. , 170 pp, 22 black & white pl., 26 col. plates.