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Gyula M. L谩szl贸

Personal data:
Surname: L脕SZL脫
First Name: Gyula
Title: MSc
Nationality: Hungarian
Year of birth: 1970
Home address: H-8083 Cs谩kv谩r, G谩nti u. 81. Hungary
Email: laszlo.m.gyula@axelero.hu

Curriculum vitae

I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1970. My interest has been orientated since my childhood to the entomology, first of all lepidopterology. I attended primary and secondary schools in Budapest and graduated at the University of Agricultural Sciences in G枚d枚ll玫(Hungary, Pest county), studying there entomology and ecology besides the usual agricultural subjects. I finished university in 1994, my diplom work was written at the Department of Zoology and Ecology on the nature protectional and agricultural aspects of the Macrolepidoptera fauna of the G枚d枚ll玫 region.

During the university studies I started my lepidopterological expedition-series leading to different parts of North Afrika, South Europe and Asia. I took part in the following expeditions: 1990: Turkey; 1991: Greece, Turkey; 1992: Greece, Turkmenistan; 1993: Turkmenistan, Turkey; 1994: Morocco, Pakistan, Kazakhstan; 1995: 3 expeditions to Nepal; 1996: Egypt-Sinai, 2 expeditions to Nepal; 1997: Greece-Crete, Taiwan, Pakistan; 1998: Pakistan. The large Lepidoptera materials collected in these expeditions are preserved in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, in the Witt Museum, Munich and in numerous Hungarian private collections. The Geometridae material is preserved in my private collection containing approximately 50 000 specimens.

Since having finished the university, I am working as private entomological expert, connecting to several agro-entomological works, faunistical and nature protectional projects of the Hungarian Natural History Museum and nature protection authorities. Besides these projects I deal with the taxonomy of some groups of Geometridae (e.g. Ennominae, Bistonini). Since 1998 I am working on the Monography of the Eurasian Thyatiridae together with Mr. G谩bor Ronkay and Mr. Thomas J. Witt. The monography appeared in 2007. In 2001 we started a new project on the taxonomy of the Eurasian Nolidae. The results are planned to be published in a series of articles and finally a revisional monography of the family.

List of publications:

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