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Alexey M. Prozorov

Curriculum vitae

Work address:
Department of Zoology,
Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University
named after I. N. Ulyanov, 100-letia Lenina sq. 4,
RUS-432046 Ulyanovsk, Russia
Tel.: + 7 (84 22) 44 18 09

Private address:
Zhukovskogo str. 67-3,
RUS-432046 Ulyanovsk, Russia
Tel.: + 7 (84 22) 52 68 90;
cell: +7 (904) 186 98 81
E-mail: prozafric@mail.ru

Spezialist fĂĽr afrikanische Lasiocampidae

I was born on 5. April 1989 in Ulyanovsk, Russia. In 1996 I entered the middle school №22 with specialization in foreign languages (French and English). After finishing, in 2007, my interest in biology was brought me in the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University (USPU) at the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, where I studied biological disciplines next five years. In August of 2009 I was invited to join project devoted taxonomy of African Lasiocampidae under curatorship of Dr. Vadim Zolotuhin. Thus the investigation of taxonomic system of family became my main life interest. I finished the university in 2012 with the Diploma work “Complex revision of the African Lasiocampidae genus Stoermeriana de Freina et Witt, 1983” (see the presentation below), it became the best student USPU work in partition “Natural sciences” and it is submitted to All-Russian contest “Best scientific work in natural, technical sciences and humanities in institutes of higher education of Russian Federation”. Since 1. October 2012 I am a postgraduate student in USPU, my PhD thesis is “The taxonomic revision of the Afrotropic Lasiocampidae”.

Expeditions and conferences
During the education I took part in several short-term expeditions through Ulyanovsk region for collecting moths (2010, 2011) and participated in several student conferences in Ulyanovsk (2009, 2010) and Saratov (2011, 2012) with reports about taxonomic reviews of lasiocampid genera Opisthodontia Aurivillius, Odontopacha Aurivillius, Hypotrabala Holland and Stoermeriana de Freina et Witt. Twice I took part in international conferences devoted study of African Lepidoptera, in 2011 – Ghana (Hans Cottage and Kakum National Park, Butterfly Conservation Society Ghana) and in 2012 – RSA (Pretoria National Botanical Gardens, Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa).

Projects and supports
Pending two years I’m taking part in the international Barcode of Life (iBOL) project “Lasiocampidae, Bombycidae and Eupterotidae of the Old World” under management of Dr. Rodolphe Rougerie. At this time 1310 sequences were already studied in two author’s subprojects – LBEOW and LBEOA. I am a participant of a special grant of USPU under leadership of Dr. Alexey Solovyev named “Taxonomic composition and phylogenetic relationship of Limacodidae, Lasiocampidae and Tortricidae as model groups of Lepidoptera”. In 2010–2012 I was several times supported for studying African Lasiocampidae kept in different European collections by Thomas Witt Stiftung (Munich, Germany).

For October 2012, 20 genera, 45 species and 3 subspecies were described by me in 5 already published articles and in one else article is now in press.

See presentation:"A complex revision of the African Lasiocampidae genus Stoermeriana de Freina et Witt, 1983"

List of scientific papers:

Prozorov A.M. & Zolotuhin V.V. 2010. Neotype designation for Opisthodontia dentata Aurivillius, 1899. Transactions of The Russian Entomological Society. 80(2): 43–48.

Zolotuhin V.V. & Prozorov A.M. 2010. A review of the genera Opisthodontia Aurivillius, 1895, and Stenophatna Aurivillius, 1909, with erection of 8 new genera and descriptions of 38 new species and 2 new subspecies (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae). Atalanta. 41(3/4): 397–460.

Prozorov A.M. 2011. Typhonoya gen. nov. and Weberolegra gen. nov. – two new genera for African Gastropacha Oschenheimer, 1810 (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae). Neue entomologische Nachrichten. 67: 97–106.

Prozorov A.M. 2011. Results of study of the African Lasiocampidae genus Hypotrabala Holland, 1893 (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae). Collected scientific works: Studies of young scientists in biology and ecology, Saratov, 97–102.

Zolotuhin V.V. & Prozorov A.M. 2011. Lasiocampidae Africana: present results and perspectives. In: In: Sz. Sáfián (ed.) (eds.), Abstracts of the Workshop on Lepidoptera Research in the Afrotropical Region, (pp. 27), Tema, Butterfly Conservation Society, Ghana.

Prozorov A.M. 2012. Taxonomical structure of the genus Stoermeriana de Freina et Witt, 1983 (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae). In: Collected scientific works: Studies of young scientists in biology and ecology, (pp. in press), Saratov University Press, Saratov.

Prozorov A.M. & Zolotuhin V.V. 2012. A new genus of African Lasiocampidae (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal. 91(4): 435–445.

Prozorov A.M. & Zolotuhin V.V. 2012. A new genus of African Lasiocampidae (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae). Entomological Review. 92(5): 548–558.

Prozorov A.M. & Zolotuhin V.V. 2012. Seven new monotypic genera of African Lasiocampidae (Lepidoptera). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal. 91(8): 950–960.

Prozorov A.M. & Zolotuhin V.V. 2012. A review of the genus Odontopacha Aurivillius, 1909 (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae). Metamorphosis. in press.