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Here we introduce scientists who are collaborating with us, some of which who have been for decades, researching the Lepidoptera families kept in the Museum WITT.

Wilfried Rudi Arnscheid
Specialist for Psychidae, Bochum, Germany

Prof. Dr. Michael Boppré
Ordinarius and Direktor Forstzoologisches Institut an der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i.Br.

Dr. Ronald Brechlin
Pasewalk private expert for Sphingidae and Saturniidae worldwide

Karol Bucsek
Specialist for oriental Arctiidae

Dr. Karel Černý
Gerichtlich beeideter Sachverständiger für Ökologie und Insektenkunde Innsbruck Arctiidae

Dr. John Robert Grehan
Expert for Hepialidae worldwide

Alexander V. Gurkovich
Department of Zoology, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University. Systematics of the African Lasiocampidae

Hermann H. Hacker
Bad Staffelstein/Bayern. Spezialist für Noctuoidea (Europa, Asien und Afrika)

Dr. Axel Hausmann
Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Munich. Expert for Geometridae and DNA barcoding

Gyula M. Laszlo
Budapest private expert of Thyatiridae and Nolinae, Geometridae

Dr. Johannes H.M. Lourens
Lucena City, The Philippines Lepidoptera der Philippinen (insbesondere Noctuidae, Arctiidae)

Dr. Stefan Naumann
Berlin-Grunewald, Specialist for afrikanische Bombycoidea

Dr. Vladimir Nazarov
St.Petersburg, Orchid pollination (especially orchid pollinators discovered in collection material of Zygaenidae)

Alexey M. Prozorov
Department of Zoology, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, Specialist for African Lasiocampidae

Sergey N. Pugaev
Department of Zoology, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, Eupterotidae and Saturniidae

Michal Rindoš
Institute of Entomology CAS, Specialist for phylogeny and biogeography of Lymantriinae and Sphingidae in Old World

Gabor Ronkay
Budapest private expert of Thyatiridae and Nolinae, Noctuidae

Aidas Saldaitis
Institute of Ecology, Nature Research Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dr. Alexander Schintlmeister
Dresden, Notodontidae and Lymantriidae

Dmitry Shovkoon
Samara, RUSSIA Lepidoptera of the Uralo-Caspian region, Palearctic Ethmiidae, Lymantriidae

Victor Sinyaev
Moscow, RUSSIA, Scientific Collector of Lepidoptera

Dr. Alexey V. Solovyev
Zoology Department Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University Limacodidae

Dr. Karel Spatenka
Specialist for Sesiidae and Brachodidae in Paliarctic firma Agritrade, Prag

Dr. Tatyana Trofimova
Samara, RUSSIA, Systematic, morphology and phylogeny of Lymantriidae and Phycitinae.

Dr. Anton Volynkin
Barnaul, RUSSIA, taxonomy of Old World Noctuoidea, tribe Lithosiini (Erebidae, Arctiinae).

Dr. Rob de Vos
Zoological Museum of Amsterdam Oriental Arctiidae

Dr. Verena Witt
Postdoctoral researcher, LMU Munich, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Roman Yakovlev
Altai State University (Zoological Museum) Barnaul Cossidae

Dr. Shen-Horn Yen
Taiping Zygaenoidea s.l. (especially Chalcosiinae, Procridinae and Phaudinae of Oriental/Indo-Australian Regions)

Dr. Vadim V. Zolotuhin
Lehrstuhl für Zoologie der pädagogischen Universitaet Uljanowsk Lasiocampidae und Bombycidae

Dr. Andreas Zwick
Entomology State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, Curator of Lepidoptera

Dr. Jaap H.H. Zwier
Zoological Museum of Amsterdam Aganaidae